GRAND OPEN 11/02/21

To start the game you may require additional software components on your computer

Several reasons for launching the client with the MU ONLINE error:

1. Question: After starting the launcher, the game window does not start.
1.1 Solution: Install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributables, we have it in the FILES section.

2. Question: The game launcher does not start.
2.1 Solution: Install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributables, Microsoft .NET Framework 4, DirectX.
Then the launchers and the game client will start.

3. Question: Ativirus speaks about the clients danger and removes: main.exe
3.1 Solution: Firstly why this happens: There is a constant connection between the game client (main.exe) and the server.
When the server makes requests to check the file spoofing, the antivirus takes it as a danger and removes main.
To prevent this from happening, you need to add the client to the antivirus exclusion. After that everything will be fine.
We guarantee that there are no viruses in our client !!! We are constantly checking and monitoring this !!!
How to add WINDOWS 10 to an exception - Windows 10 Defender

4. Question: Throws up a window with an error: Please Send STACK ERROR ......
4.1 Solution: Check installations: Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributables, Microsoft .NET Framework 4
as well as DirectX. Check if all the drivers on your PC are up to date.
Basically this is a video driver, watch its updates or it may be installed incorrectly.
Second your Windows - Not updated or installed crookedly.

5. Question: The visual effects of skills disappear, as well as the visualization of adding EXP.
The example in the second video below shows that there is no display of the effect of the skill - TWISTING.
5.1 Solution: Firstly why this happens: Due to the location of the server in one country and your location in another.
And data transmission conflicts are possible, there are a lot of reasons for which it falls: PING Here, the speed of the Internet does not matter. If PING missed then the animation of the skills disappears, but the character continues to pump only without a visual effect.
The solution to this problem will help the given method:
2. Install and log in: login: ausmann password: MuOnline2020_
3. Now we customize it inside the program: Add custom game
4. Name: Project name | Main Game File: path to main.exe | Launcher File (Optional): path to the launcher and "Next"
5. Manual> Click to select Tunnel> Expand Europe and select Frankfurt 1> Save> Finish
5. Tip: The lower the ping, the better! You can choose any city!
6. Switch 2 times to On and launch the game through Launcher.

Client RPG mu Online
Description: DARK SOUL MEGA
Size: 1.4 GB
Type: Installer
Client RPG mu Online
Size: 1.5 GB
Type: Installer
Anti Lag patch full
Description: Removes all effects and reduces graphics quality.
Size: 1.66 M
Type: Archive

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